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SEND Information

SEND Provision at Pollington-Balne CE Primary School

At Pollington-Balne C of E Primary School we are committed to providing the conditions, support and opportunities to enable all children including those with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities to be included in all aspects of school life and helped to reach their full potential. We aim to give this support in a sensitive and purposeful way, ensuring that each child is valued and has independence, taking into account the current code of practice (2014).

All children benefit from the expertise and care of our experienced support staff team. Children may work with support staff on a one to one basis or in small groups and the relationships with staff. We draw on the expertise of parents' knowledge in relation to their children, and are committed to the training and development of staff.

Identification and Assessment of SEN

At Pollington-Balne we identify children with SEN as early as possible, through regular contact with our feeder Early Years settings and by assessment at the start of the Foundation Stage, using Development Matters. Throughout the school we monitor and track the progress of all children by an on-going process of planning, teaching and assessment.
Children with SEN may be identified at any stage of this process during their school life using the following methods:

Information given to school from:

  • medical information
  • a previous school
  • parental concerns 
  • Early Years Foundation Stage assessments

Concerns highlighted though on-going monitoring and assessment of learning by the class teacher, baseline
assessments, results from testing or discussion with and assessment by the Educational Psychologist.

In very few cases it may be necessary for the school to consider, in consultation with the parents and any outside agencies involved, whether a statutory assessment may be necessary. We use the LEA guidance to help make any such decisions. If, in rare cases, the child's needs are considered to be severe and complex, an educational health care plan may be issued by the LEA.

All teachers at Pollington-Balne CE Primary are responsible for meeting the needs of each child. This is achieved through differentiation of planning, monitoring of each child’s progress and assessment of their learning. If the planning and teacher support is not meeting the needs of the individual, then other strategies are tried within the classroom. The child’s progress is monitored closely.

Assessing the Impact of Intervention

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is written by the class teacher for the child. This sets out the learning or behavioural targets for them for them to work towards. It also describes the strategies and arrangements needed to help each child achieve these targets. The targets are discussed with the child in age-appropriate language and written positively using an “I can” approach. The IEP will be sent out to parents; progress towards the targets is discussed at Parent’s Evenings or by request at other times through discussions with the class teacher or SENCo.

At the IEP review decisions are made about the future actions that may be taken to meet the child’s needs. These may be:

  • To reduce the amount of help.
  • To continue with the existing level of help with new targets being set.
  • To increase the level of intervention if there has been little progress.


In the case of an Education Health Care Plan being in place, and annual review will take place taking into account the views of the child, their parents or guardians, the school and other professionals. 

Opportunities, Enrichment and Provision

At Pollington-Balne all pupils are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities, and the school is committed to making reasonable adjustments to enable all pupils to be involved.


The school provides specialist materials for pupils with disabilities, including modified resources and specialist seating as necessary. We are committed to an inclusive curriculum in which all pupils are able to make progress, and work with organisations and professional bodies to ensure there is adequate provision for all our pupils.


Transition for all pupils is difficult, but for those with SEND diagnoses it can bring further anxieties. We work closely with feeder Nursery and Preschool settings, and with the local Secondary Schools to ensure information is transferred effectively.


Please contact the school if you would like to discuss arrangements for your child further.

Please contact the school for a copy of the SEND Policy or Equality and Diversity Policy

You can contact us at Pollington-Balne CE Primary School, Balne Moor Road, Pollington, Goole DN14 0EH / / Tel: 01405 861916. Please look at our 'News and Events' menu for our latest information.