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Example Comments for the Reading Record

When writing in your child's reading record, consider commenting on the following so that we can support or build on your child's skills back in school.


Perhaps record one thing your child did well and one thing they need to improve. In school, we will record the same so that you know what your child needs to practice at home.


REMEMBER: the more your child reads or listens to stories the more confident and enthusiastic reader they will become and the wider their vocabulary will get - this will really help with their writing too! Encourage your child to read other books alongside their School Reading Scheme book and look for opportunities to enjoy books together.


Comprehension Skills

Has your child:

  • Understood the story well?
  • Held a good discussion about events in the story?
  • Retold the story in detail/
  • Could they talk about the story confidently?


Did he/she:

  • Answer questions about the content?
  • Need to read again to improve understanding?
  • Need to use the pictures (if appropriate) to assist understanding?
  • Need lots of help to understand the main events?


Word Skills

Did your child:

  • Read all the words correctly?
  • Find some words difficult?
  • Try hard to work out new words?
  • Need to practice again to reinforce the words?
  • Read accurately and confidently?


Attitude and Interest

Did your child:

  • Read eagerly?
  • Enjoy the story? Why?
  • Have fantastic expression - including 'doing the voices'?
  • Explain the text in their own words?


  • Would he/she benefit from reading again to improve fluency?
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