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School Meals

We are very proud of our school kitchen and the meals that we provide to our children.  We use local fresh produce were possible and promote health eating.  Our healthy and delicious school meals are made on site every day. Children are served hot dinners by our cooks using service counters.  This encourages all children to try new foods!


We are very flexible on school meals, allowing children to choose the dinners they wish to have from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council school meals rolling menu, on a termly basis. From September 2022 dinners cost £2.57 per day (£12.85 for the week).  We are a  parent pay cashless school. 


A reminder to parents of children in Year 3, their children now do not qualify for free dinners under the Universal Free School Meals Policy. 


A copy of the menu can be found below.

Please follow the link below to our parent pay information:

School Meal Costs 


Child: £2.57

Pre-School Child: £2.45

Adult: £3.71


The cost of a school meal include food, raw materials, services (inc.1.275% banking charge for parent pay) and utilities.   



If you think you are eligible for Free School Meals for your child please follow the link below.


Please apply for your children even if they are receiving Universal Free School Meals in EYFS and Key stage 1.  These are 2 different funding streams and your child will be miss out on funding in school if you do not apply for a free school meal and you are entitled to it. 


Thank you

Spring/Summer menu 2023

Autumn Winter menu 2022 / 23

Cool Milk Registration available for every child (under 5's receive free milk)

PROSPECTIVE PARENTS SEPT 2023 intake - If you missed our November open day please contact the school office on 01405 816916 to arrange an appointment for a visit