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Quotes from pupils:


"You know how Serena Williams is American by her nationality? Well, when you look at her skin colour and hair style you can tell that she has black race. If she had been alive during Ruby Bridges' time people would have been really shocked that a black woman would be able to achieve so many grand slams and when you go back to the poem by Maya Angelou Serena really is the dream of a slave."


(Harrison, Y3)



"The Vikings had similar beliefs to the people in the Shang Dynasty because they both believed in an after-life. But also like some religions today they were polytheistic."


(Samuel, Y3)

 History in the Wider Life of the School


Children have been sharing their learning at home and presenting it in a variety of ways. 



Family Visits

PROSPECTIVE PARENTS SEPT 2023 intake - If you missed our November open day please contact the school office on 01405 816916 to arrange an appointment for a visit