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Homework and weekly round up

This week we have been looking at length and using centimetres and metres to measure objects around the room, and accurately measuring from zero. It’s a little challenging but we are getting there!

We’ve worked really hard on making sure our letters stay on the line and that we use finger spaces in our written work. We are currently looking at the story of Rama and Sita as Diwali – The Festival of Lights – is on 7th November this year.

In phonics we have looked at the digraphs: ‘ph’, ‘wh’ ‘ay’ – and have even been caught writing on the tables! (It was all in a good cause though as writing on tables has really inspired us!)

Sometimes in class, we can forget where we are and therefore we’re working on our indoor voices. It’s working as the class is becoming a much quieter place to be!


Mrs Foster


Wreath making

Wreath making 1
Wreath making 2
Wreath making 3
Wreath making 4
Wreath making 5
Wreath making 6
Wreath making 7
Wreath making 8

Check Point!

Check Point! 1
Check Point! 2
Check Point! 3
Check Point! 4
Check Point! 5
Check Point! 6
Check Point! 7
Check Point! 8
Check Point! 9
Check Point! 10
Check Point! 11
Check Point! 12
Check Point! 13
Check Point! 14

Pumpkin entries

Pumpkin entries 1
Pumpkin entries 2
Pumpkin entries 3
Pumpkin entries 4
Pumpkin entries 5
Pumpkin entries 6
Pumpkin entries 7
Pumpkin entries 8
Pumpkin entries 9
Pumpkin entries 10

Super Phonics!

Super Phonics! 1
Super Phonics! 2
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