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Year 5

Year 5 Homework

Homework will be set every Friday and will need to be returned to school, completed, by the following Thursday.


Each week, a spelling list will be sent home. This will be tested, in a random order, on Thursday or Friday the following week. 


Each child has been set a target times table. This will be tested on a Thursday. Both multiplication and division facts for the target times table need to be known. 


Write a Review


This week, the children have been lucky enough to take part in two school trips: Driffield Food and Farming Show and The Deep.


For homework, I would like the children to write a review of one (or both) of their school trips. 


Think about:

*What did you enjoy?

*What did you learn?

*What was the best part?

*What could have been made even better?

*Would you recommend the trip to other school children? Why?


Remember that the review should focus on activities that took place at the destination and the learning that took place - not the journey or lunch time!


Use the writing success criteria below when completing your piece of writing:

Success Criteria
Paragraphs to organise information
Adverbials of time and place
Subordinating conjunctions (when, if, because, even though, although)
Coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS)
Use relative clauses (starting with a relative pronoun: who, which, when, that)
Brackets, commas or dashes for parenthesis (extra information)
Correct use of capital letter and punctuation, including . , ? ! ' ( ) -



If you would like feedback on your writing, to make improvements or up-level, please hand in your review on Wednesday 5th June 2019. 


Final Copy Homework due: Monday 10th June 2019

Writing Challenges

1.    Write a diary for a day of your weekend. What have you been up to? How did you find it?
2.    Write a book review for a book that you have read recently. Write your review in a way that you could post it on Amazon.
3.    Have you visited a different city or attraction lately? Write a review to post on Tripadvisor. Remember that you can talk about both the positives and the negatives.
4.    Write a letter to your teacher persuading her to put a new idea that you have, in place. 
5.    Write a newspaper article for an event that you have visited or watched recently. 


Once you have completed your piece of writing, hand it in to Miss Amps for feedback, ready to edit and uplevel!

Many thanks to all those who supported the School Summer Fayre!