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Good Morning,


I hope that all of you are safe and well, and have enjoyed spending time with your families during this period.


I have attached some more work to your folder. If you haven't finished the previous work which i set that is fine. You can choose which you would rather do! The work attached give you more if needed, that is it. 


The English work is a mixture of reading, writing and grammar. This work is set a week at a time, so don't go trying to finish it all at once! The questions are based upon a text (which you will find at the bottom of the page), just like we do in school with the VIPERS based questions.


The Maths has been set out over a four week period. So you could focus on a section to do week by week. Please don't try and finish all of this in a week or day! Take your time. If you get stuck as your parents/carers for help as i have attached a parent copy of this booklet onto the parent folder. 


Geography - At this point in time, travelling abroad isn't an option. However, what i would like you to do is to create a travel brochure based upon any country in the world. Make it interesting and engaging for the reader. Make them want to be able to book a trip to this country as soon as it's possible. Include tourist attractions, what food they need to try and anything else you can think of! 


Any work that you complete, i would love to see especially the letter to the NHS or the Science work based upon the heart. Thank you Bethany and Emily for emailing me your work, it has been lovely to be able to see your work which you have produced!


If you need to ask any questions, don't be afraid to email me and i will try to respond as quickly as possible to yourself! Once again guys, stay safe and well smiley


Mr Guest

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