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What i would like you to do for the time being is to concentrate on completing the activities in your Home Learning book. These activities have been created so that you can enjoy these with your siblings and family members! I'll be interested to see, who has planned a trip round Europe at the cheapest price or who has learnt to use the washing machine or dishwasher! Another great one could be learning to tell the time.


I will be adding more work in the next week but please ensure that you are reading (Age appropriate books/high quality texts) daily. I have attached a link which will allow your child to have free access to more than 7,000 books online Once you have clicked on the link, all that is to do is to click the start button reading.


Keep practising your times tables. Why don't you see if you can beat your family at our classes times tables game?


Look after yourself and stay safe!


Mr Guest

School is now closed to the majority of children. We will be thinking of you. Please take care and stay safe during this time.