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Welcome back!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break.


Over the course of our first week back, the children have been introduced into our new topic - The Victorians! As a class we have focused on what school was like for children during the Victorian era. Wordsworth Class, couldn't believe how poorly the children were treated! Pupils having to write with their left hand (even though they were right handed), the cane, the dunce hat and most of all not shouting out or asking questions!

In Writing/topic next week, the children are going to create a balanced argument in regards to ''Whether schools of today should be allowed to use corporal punishment?' It would be beneficial if you could discuss this with your children, as it will give them  a wider range of for and against reasons for their upcoming work.


Spellings and times tables will be up on the website on Friday and SATS clubs will resume as a usual from Thursday 16th January. The SATS page will also be updated in the near future, with links and resources for the children to use at home.


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The school theme this term is 'Giving'. Please see the photos section for pictures from the Halloween Disco.