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Well done to everybody staying at home and helping to fight the virus. You are all doing an amazing job! Mummies and Daddies too!


It has been lovely to chat with some of the children this week.


Archie - It was lovely to hear that Archie had been playing with some of his many very exciting toys! I think my favourite has to be the Chameleon that shoots out his tongue. I was very impressed by this in our Show & Tell Session last term!


Joseph - Joseph has been very busy building a den outside and when I called he was in the process of adding some wallpaper! 


Esme - Esme has been enjoying reading some of her new Inside books. She has also enjoyed celebrating her Birthday and has a new edition to the family - a puppy! How exciting!


Lenny - I was pleased to hear that Lenny and his family were all keeping safe and well :)


Milly & Holly - Milly and Holly were mid bacon sandwich when I called (mm delicious)! They shared with me how they had enjoyed watching Malificant 2, outside!!! They had made their very own outdoor cinema and enjoyed watching the film with sweeties and blankets outside! 


Harriet - Harriet was mid plum when I called but Harriet has shared some wonderful photographs of the lovely fairygarden that she has created in her garden. I've also seen some creative collages made with photographs she has taken during lockdown :) 


I have been lucky enough to see Riley, Oliver and Jocelyn on my days in school so here's a snapshot of what they have been up to on my days in.


Riley -  has very much enjoyed playing with Jocelyn and Oliver on the scooters, scooting round and round.


Jocelyn - has written a lovely letter for Rev Eleanor to share with those people who are feeling lonely in these strange times. She has also enjoyed scooting round the playground and taking part in a school video in hope to win some new playground equipment.


Oliver - has also written a lovely letter for Rev Eleanor so share with those people who are feeling lonely and has still continued to work hard when he has been in school! He's enjoyed playing with Jocelyn and Riley in the den that the children created on the climbing frame.


All the staff miss the children of Pollington very much!


I can't wait to hear what the rest of Nelson Class have been upto - Darcie, Emily and Esmae -  I will be in contact very soon! :)


Stay Safe, 

Mrs Blades



Wonderful Work - Home Learning

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