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Week Two Diaries

Monday 30th March 2020

Wow, there certainly has been a change in temperature since last week!

The wind was biting today and, I must confess, I haven't even been out so much today. If I was in Durham Class, the heating would certainly be turned up!

There was a slight change to the dinner menu today, Mrs Scott cooked chicken nuggets and home made chips, they were delicious!

I've been trying to develop my skills today. Mrs Batley has sent me a fantastic video over the weekend of amazing things happening on her farm - I am trying to workout how to put it on the website as I think you'd all find it very interesting to watch...keep checking this page!

I've heard that people are drawing the sun to put in their windows this week, perhaps you could too? At school today we've started making a huge picture that combines both a rainbow and sun. 

Keep safe all, 

Mrs Foster

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Another lovely day at school - although I managed to cut myself whilst putting up a rainbow and sun shine filled banner! 

I was pleased to see Lacey and her family had seen it though!

If you look closely, there are two bees drawn by Miss Habbishaw on it, they look very friendly!

Tonight I had a delicious stir fry Samuel recommend - I really enjoyed it! I wonder if any year three children are completing their food diaries?

Until tomorrow...

Mrs Foster

Wednesday 1st April 2020

White rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit

Today is April Fool's day. I didn't try to fool anyone, however, when I arrive home this evening, I heard all about the pranksters that had been at my house! There were toothpaste filled chocolate biscuits and salt was in the sugar pot! I'm pleased I missed those not so nice combinations!

At school today, we made some beautifully cheery sunshine faces. We used brightly coloured paper to create them and everyone made a fabulous job of them!

Kian must of known what we were up to as he too has made a fantastic sun!

The art work being created in Durham Class is fantastic!

Well done everyone!


Mrs Foster

Friday 3rd April 2020

It's been another lovely day today. The children in school have named and labelled skeletons, as well as made their own Easter bunny. 

We've also taken part in Superhero Friday PE with Joe Wicks - personally, I think we are all getting better at this, though I have noticed, it's a longer time doing the exercise and a shorter rest time! 

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and manages to enjoy the warmer weather on Sunday - but by staying at home!


Take care, 

Mrs Foster

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