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Week One Diary



Dear Durham Class, families and carers,


These are indeed strange times, but I thought this may be a rather novel way of keeping in touch!

I will write a diary of things we've been doing at school, for those children who are still coming to school and, if you would like, you can email me the things you have been doing ( for those children at home). I can then publish your work on here - whether it be photo's or completed learning tasks, or messages for your fellow Durham classmates. 


Hopefully this will enable everyone to feel as though they are keeping in touch - to an extent!


Take care, 


Mrs Foster

Sunday 22nd March - Mother's Day


It was a very different type of Mother's Day this year!

Usually we go for a meal at lunch time but as we cannot do that, I had cheese on toast instead - I am rather partial to cheese on toast!

During the afternoon, I did something I love to do...I cut the front lawn! It's the simple things (!) but there's now stripes once again!

I was very lucky too, Mr Foster and my daughter washed my car - I no longer have the dirtiest car in the car park - well not tomorrow anyway!

Tomorrow, I am thinking we need to join in with the rainbow painting. So I'm going to ask the children, who will be at school, to paint a large rainbow so we can put it up on the front fence for all passers - by to see!

Maybe you'll be one of them!

Until tomorrow...

Mrs Foster



Monday 23rd March

Today  was a strange day. It was lovely to see children play games and make dens but I think we were all aware that the Joe Wicks video really took it out of Mrs Foster!

I wonder how many of you also took part in the morning exercise?

I won't give in though and I will join in with the other adults and children in school! 

We've had a lovely morning outside and have creating an (EPIC) den, then during the afternoon we coloured and watch a film whilst we did so. 

Dinner was pizza and everyone had their own table to sit on. The potato wedges were a firm favourite!


Tuesday 24th March 2020

It has been a lovely warm day today. We decided that the den we made yesterday was fab but would work even better under the trees, but first, there was the Joe Wick's morning exercise to do. 

The children in school were keen and took part in it without a problem, ready and raring for the next challenge, Mrs Foster, Mrs McIntyre and Miss Kiddy...well we were a little more, tentative in our movements! 

The weather was beautiful and we all enjoyed the warmth which came with the sun!

We hope you are enjoying the homework and time at home!


Wednesday 25th March 2020

It was another glorious start to the day. There was not a single fluffy white cloud in the sky!

You could look out of the window and think it summer. 

That being said, just after nine, we began our morning work out with Mr didn't hurt as much today, I think I'm getting fitter!wink

We tried watching Steve Backshaw, but unfortunately, the connection wasn't too good though we still heard some interesting facts about mimics in nature and the blue whale as well as cold blooded animals.

We continued our outdoor colouring, the giant cog is now a multitude of bright and vibrant colours.

It was also lovely to receive emails from Chance and his family and Kian too!

It's great to hear the effort you are putting into your home reading!

This evening, my family and I played football. I was in goal as nominated by Al - I shall say no next time! He has quite a kick and my legs still can feel where the ball hit them! (Didn't get a goal that time!) 

Keep safe all!


Mrs Foster

Thursday 26th March 2020

The weather just keeps getting better and better!

It's a shame that we are not all enjoying it together, but we are with our families, and we are doing the correct thing by staying at home and keeping safe, well done to all!

All the teachers are busy working at home when not at school, keen to make sure that when we are back, we are ready to rock and roll and able to keep your families up to date with how you are all doing.

At my own home, we have two birthday celebrations within the next week! We are trying to keep the celebrations going, making home made games and decorations - it's becoming quite the event!

(So too will be the clean up party!)

Keep smiling all, thank you for the emails, it's lovely to hear from you!


Mrs Foster 

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