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Week One

Hello Durham Class!


This week in English:


As we have been looking at newspaper articles, I would like you  to write an article about the invasion of William the Conqueror. Think carefully about your success criteria!

You need:

*a snappy headline

*a strong opening line explaining the key point of the story

*facts about the event

*the opinion of those eye witnesses - this may need to be imagined - 1066 was a while ago!

*an appropriate lay out

Beneath, please find a template for your newspaper article. You can print it out or, draw your own columns into your book. There is also the information on William the Conqueror we looked at in class to help you.


Please complete the work on 'Umbrella'. To avoid having to print too much, provided you put a clear title, and, write in full sentences which include part of the question, (where appropriate), in your answer, you will not need to print the sheets out. 




Please look at the PDF booklets below. There is one for Year Three and one for Year Four. 

There are a range of mathematical problems to help with children's development and consolidation of key mathematical concepts.


Please complete a page a day - not all in one day!

The answer booklet for parents is also available below this message. 



You can contact us at Pollington-Balne CE Primary School, Balne Moor Road, Pollington, Goole DN14 0EH / / Tel: 01405 861916. Please look at our 'News and Events' menu for our latest information.