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Week 8

Let's improve our English skills!


Follow the link to find five lessons focussing on 'Character Description' - it is the second block.


Here you will continue to read 'The Fire Work Maker's Daughter' and, as well as practising your inference skills, you will develop your knowledge of 'expanded noun phrases'


Expanded noun phrases will be familiar to you from our previous learning.



Measures, Capacity and Volume


Follow the link to find five lessons on measure, capacity and volume (you might need to scroll down the page).


The first lesson is about reading the temperature on a thermometer.


Do you remember how we learned to read scales when we were learning about pictograms and block graphs? You will need these skills to help you!

World Milk Day


June 1st is World Milk Day.


All over the world people will be using today to think of and thank hard working dairy farmers all arund the globe, the organisations who provide dairy supplements to help tackle famine and malnutrition and the HUGE network of people who help us to enjoy milk.


Do you remember when we watched the video of William Whiskerson (the travelling mouse!) visiting London? Click on the link below to follow William on his journey to Somerset to find out the journey that milk makes to get from the farm to your fridge.


If you live on or near a dairy farm, think about what is similar and different. 


Use the following website to find out some interesting facts about milk:


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