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Week 6

National Limerick Day!


Tuesday is National Limerick Day.


A limerick is a poem with five lines that is silly or funny or doesn't make sense.


Limericks were made famous by the poet and author Edward Lear, who wrote 'The Book of Nonsense' in the 1800s - nearly 200 years ago!


Here are some of his most famous: 

Limericks usually follow a pattern (clap the syllables to help):


Line 1)    There was a …… (8 or 9 syllables)

Line 2)    Who ……. (8 syllables)

Line 3)    When ......... (6 syllables)

Line 4)    ................. (5 syllables)

Line 5)    That ..... from ..... (8 syllables)




  • Have a go at writing your own limerick!



National Water Saving Week


Why do we need to save water?


  1. Climate change, population inceases and changes in lifestyle have led to pressure being put on water supplies over time.
  2. By 2050 the Earth's fresh water supplies are expected to decrease by half.



  • Design a poster encouraging others to save water.


Think like a mathematician!


Here are some mathematical problems to try from


Sort the Houses

Ladybird Problem



Miss Habbishaw has really missed being able to read a story aloud to you all in Telford Class.


However, she has found some authors and well known actors reading some popular children's stories.


Miss Habbishaw's favourite is definitely Bernard Cribbins reading tales from Winnie the Pooh! - which is your favourite?


Have a listen here:



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