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Week 3 - Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a fun, safe and peaceful Easter.


Here are some activities for you to try at home!

Moon Landing!

In our last topic 'Land Ahoy!' we learned a little about explorers such as captain James Cook. People have explored the Earth for centuries, but some people have explored even further ... such as the moon!


Monday 20th April marks the 48th anniversy of the Apollo 16 Moon Landing.


You can read about it here:


  • What do you think it might be like to visit the moon? 


  • Why not design a 'moon' postcard (imagine you could buy a postcard on the moon and send it!) and write a message back to earth describing what you saw and how you felt.


  • Maybe you have some 'junk' such as kitchen roll tubes or boxes that you could use to mae your own rocket or moon buggy. We'd love to see pictures of anthing you make!






National Earth Day

Wednesday 22nd April is National Earth Day.


  • Why not go on a 'Safari Hunt' either in the garden, on the farm or in the local environment during a daily exercise walk. Use the grid below to see how many features of our wonderful Earth you can find (PDF to print below the picture).


  • If you see something more than once, keep a tally and make a pictogram or bar graph.


  • Design a poster to persuade people to:

        - use less electricity by switching lights off

        - protect the waterways by not dumping rubbish

        - not litter the environment

        - save the bees


        - another environment problem that you think is important!

St. George's Day

Thursday 23rd April is he feast of St. George.


St. George is the patron saint of England.


Here is one version of the story of St. George and the Dragon:


  • Why not have a look for other versions?


  • Draw a storyboard of your own version of the story.


  • Design your own dragon!



Now the Science bit ...


Isn't the weather lovely?

I love sunny weather, its great for planting seeds in the garden (I'm hoping for onions, tomatoes and lettuces!), but for the plants to grow, they will also need rain.


Before schools shut, we looked briefly at where rain comes from as part of our learning.


Here's a diagram:



  •  Have a go at making your own water cycle in a bag!


        All you need is a small plastic bag, some food colouring (or an old felt tip pen) and a black pen.


        Send me a photo if it works!


        Here's a link to the instructions:


Once Upon a Time ...


Sometimes on my walks I like to go and see the local pigs in their field.

It reminds me of the story of the Three Little Pigs ... can you write a story about these little pigs? Or maybe a poem?


I wonder what adventures they might get up to?

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