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Week 2

ENGLISH: Miss Habbishaw has cooked Shepherd's Pie this week for tea. Can you write her some instructions so she can make it again?

Next to each picture are our orange verbs and red nouns to help you with your instructions.


Can you use some interesting adjectives (describing words) and time conjunctions too? eg. next, finally


Email Miss Habbishaw your instructions so she can read them and share them with the rest of the class - and, of course, USE them!

MATHEMATICS: This week, let's revisit our learning on tay-charts, pictograms, block-diagrams and scales. Do you remember? Use these posters to remind you!

Watch the video and note down some of the information either HOW MANY people in the village are from each CONTINENT or HOW MANY people in the village speak each language.


How many different ways can you show this information?


If you choose pictograms or block-diagrams, what scale will you use? 1s, 2s, 5s or 10s.


Can you explain why you chose that scale? Did you try different ones to find out which was best?


Why not send a photo to Miss Habbishaw so she can see what you've been doing?


Earlier this week, Miss Habbishaw took a break for a couple of hours and went on a long walk to get some exercise.

On her walk, she spotted this tree and took a few moments to admire all the different shapes and sizes of its twisted branches silhouetted against the clear blue sky.

Notice how the sky is different shades of blue. It is darker at the top and lighter as you move down the picture.

Miss Habbishaw is going to have a go at drawing her own tree silhouette and promises to post it up here for you to see.


Why don't you have a go too?


Ask your grown up to photograph it and send me a copy so we can create an online class art gallery!


Can you see the bird's nest? What type of bird do you think might live there?

Topic - Let's revisit our learning about Gerald Durrell

Today (Thursday 26th March 2020) is the 61st birthday of Jersey Zoo.


Last term, we learned about the founder of Jersey Zoo, Gerald Durrell. Do you remember the fascinating suitcase?


Why not take a look at the different animals that are looked after there? Which is your favourite?


Design a fact-sheet / poster to tell everyone about your favourite creature.


Miss Habbishaw's favourite is the orangutan. These are the animals se enjoys visiting the most.


Use the link below to do your research!

SPANISH: Miss Habbishaw is enjoying teaching Spanish so much, she's carrying on learning it! Can you guess what she's written here? Answers will be revealed at the end of the wek!

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