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Week 1

HANDWRITING- use these sheets to practice in your home-school book. REMEMBER to start each letter on the line!

MATHEMATICS - use the Knowledge Organiser to refresh your memory and help you with your practice.

READING - in addition, write a review of a book you are readding at home. We could share this with the rest of the class to persuade them to read the book too!

WRITING - try to use a variety of new words and common eception words in your story.

  Picture courtesy of Glenn Kim -

Can you write an exciting adventure story about tis picture?


Think about:

  • What can you see?
  • Where might they have come from and why?
  • What happens to them there?
  • Is there a problem?
  • Who do they meet?
  • How is the problem solved?


Capital letters, full stops & questionmarks

New words we have learned

Interesting sentence openers (To his horror; Suddenly; To his despair ... etc)

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