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wc 23.3.20

Please note: There is no set requirement for children to complete all of the learning activites set out below - they are a guide only.

Please also see indoor and outdoor learning activites, which are also equally as valuable.

Should you have any queries please use the email in your child's exercise book. Similarly, if you would like to share any home learning; completed work, cooking, lego models or artwork -  please feel free to email it across.

Please stay safe in this difficult time.

Best Wishes,

Mrs Blades 



Your child has been sent home with their current RWI book.

Please could your child continue reading their current RWI book in order to build reading fluency and speed. There will be a new book uploaded in due course.


Ruth Miskin Daily Speed Sound Session - See link in files


  • Green = (Set 2 Sounds)
  • Pink = The Dressing Up Box (Set 2 Sounds)
  • Yellow =  Off Sick (Set 3 Sounds)
  • Grey = Vulture Culture (Review Set 2 & Set 3 Sounds)


Can your child use a storytellers voice?

Can your child answer the questions in the back of the book?


Other reading material: 


Share a story - Your own animal story from home or The Tale of Peter Rabbit.



  • Can you write about your favourite animal from the story using capital letters and full stops?
  • Can you write questions for one of the animals in the story? (Remember question marks)
  • Can you create a wanted poster for an animal from the story using adjectives? (e.g. Peter Rabbit)
  • Can you design your own animal and write a short description of it using our magic joining word 'and'? (Think about; What markings does it have? What colour is it? What does it eat - diet? Where does it live - habitat?  What does it like to do all day?
  • Can you write a short story about your new animal? (Beginning, Middle, End)


Look out for Mrs Blades' examples :) 



Multiplication - 2s, 5s, 10s - supporting skills taught in class

  • Listen to maths songs/complete associated work on Mathletics
  • Step 1- Count in 10s
  • Steo 2 - Make equal groups
  • Step 3 - Add equal groups
  • Step 4 - Make arrays


Topic related;

  • Paint/draw a picture of your favourite animal - can you show it's markings?
  • Make a model of your favourite animal using paydoh, salt dough, recycled materials etc.
  • Make a habitat/enclosure for your favourite animal using recycled and natural materials.
  • Make a lego model of an animal habitat.
  • Use the internet to; research facts about your favourite animal / watch live web cams at zoo's.
  • Watch Peter Rabbit and other films about animals - look out for Habitats.


You can contact us at Pollington-Balne CE Primary School, Balne Moor Road, Pollington, Goole DN14 0EH / / Tel: 01405 861916. Please look at our 'News and Events' menu for our latest information.