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wc 4.05.20


Grey and Yellow - Fred's Focus FIVE - Fred would like you to focus on practising the following five sounds for this week. 

How speedy can you be?  

  • ea - cup of tea
  • oi - spoil the boy
  • a-e - make a cake (split digraph - chatty friends)
  • i-e - nice smile
  • o-e - phone home


Pink  and GreenFred's Focus FIVE - Fred would like you to focus on practising the following five sounds for this week.

How speedy can you be?

  • ay - may i play?
  • ee - what can you see?
  • igh - fly high
  • ow - blow the snow
  • oo - poo at the zoo


Fred Frog's Super Challenge: Can you teach somebody at home Fred's five focus sounds? 


RED Words - Fred loooooves to eat RED Words for breakfast! Can you read the RED words below?

the    your    said    you    my


Time for a new book! Please make sure that you choose a new RWI book here. 


Don't forget - Reading for pleasure; 

Climbing Up This Mountain (Counting by 10s up to 100)

Climbing Up This Mountain (Counting by 10s up to 100) To purchase this song in video format (.mp4) or audio format (.m4a), please visit www.harrykindergarten...

Numbers in the Teens (They Start with a 1) (song for kids about teen numbers)

Numbers in the Teens (They Start with a 1) Purchase this song @ This song was written because I was frustrated with students g...

Let's Get Fit Version 2 | Count to 100 | 2020 Version | Jack Hartmann

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Once you have done your daily phonics please choose one activity to complete from the grid below. 

Monday 4.05.2020

What am I? and Scavenger Hunt


Can you match Mrs Blades' descriptions to the correct photographs? 



  • I have tiny, delicate blue petals.
  • I am fuzzy and when the wind blows I disperse my seeds. 
  • I have a long, thin stem. At the top my beautiful flowers branch off in al directions.
  • I like to grow amongst the grass. I have lots of thin white petals and a yellow centre - much like an egg!
  • I have interesting dusky pink petals.


Can you  find out what a WILD flower is. Helping hand; Think back to our learning about WILD animals and those that we keep as pets. What was the difference between the two?  Use this to decipher the meaning of WILD flowers. 


Challenge: Can you go on your own nature walk in your garden and find any WILD plants or flowers? Write your own descriptions and challenge somebody at home - or send them in to me and I will upload them onto the website :)

Tuesday 4.05.2020

Magic Beans


The Enchanted Tree

All of a sudden the ground began to rumble and shake until whoosh out popped an enormous tree reaching into the clouds but this tree was no ordinary tree... 


(See if you can continue the story - What will the tree be like? Can you describe what it looks like? Who lives in the tree? Can you make up charcteers who might live there? What makes it special? Does it have a magical power?) 


It was a lollipop tree! Yes, a lollipop tree! It had long twisted branches and... 

Wednesday 6.05.2020


Wild Flowers

Today I learned something new! I learned about an unusual wild flower that can be found in a place beautiful place called Winderemere in The Lake District. Watch the video below to find out more.


You might like to write down some intresting facts about this unusual wild flower or answer the questions below (orally or written!) You might even like to decorate your work with some diagrams! Don't forget to send me some of your wonderful work! :) 


Things to think about;

  • Where is The Lake District? Can you find it on Google Maps?
  • What is the name of the unusual wild flower that grows in The Lake District?
  • Where can the flower be found growing?
  • What colour are the petals of the flower?
  • What happens when the petals drop off?
  • Which insect eats this interesting flower?
  • True or False. The insect only eats this special flower. 
  • What is the flowers suprise?
  • Do the insects have a warning before the surprise happens?
  • Challenge: Can you find out the meaning of these unfamilair words: exudes and extinct?

Wild Flowers

BBC Earth

Thursday 7.05.2020

Coming Soon - Woodland Crown


Look out for my Woodland Crown example.

In the meantime have a go yourself!


Here's the instructions;

1. Cut a strip of cardboard long enough to go around your head and overlap slightly.

  • the strip should be 3 or 4 inches wide and long enough to go around the head

2. Collect natural objects from your garden or on a nature walk. E.g. leaves, flowers, twigs and nuts.

3. Decorate your crown with natural objects (and maybe a sprinkling of sequins and glitter if you have any).

4. Fix the cardboard crown together with staples, glue or tape.  

5. Wear your crown with pride :)



Instructions have lots of 'bossy' verbs. Remember: a verb is a doing word - something you can do. Remember when we played Simon says to learn what a verb is. e.g. sit, stand, jump, spin. These are all things we can do. 

Bossy verbs posh name (imperative verbs) 'tell you what to do'.  Challenge: Can you spot the 'bossy' verbs in the instructions above? I'll start you off with a helping hand; mix, stir and chop are all examples of bossy verbs - 'they tell you what to do!'



Coming Soon - VE Day Celebrations


Look out for how we will be celebrating VE Day in school! 

In the meantime, find out about VE Day and plan and prepare for your own VE Day celebrations!

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