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wc 22.06.20

Additional Learning: BBC Bitesize offers daily lessons across a range of curriculum areas. 

This weeks learning themes for children attending school on Thursday and Friday 


  • Phonics - Reviewing taught sounds &  Fred Fingers
  • Reading - Comprehension Skills
  • PSHCE - Wellbeing
  • Maths - Time (Mastering O clock and Half Past)
  • English - Handwriting practice and Pippety Skycap
  • Topic - Colour Chaos (Art)

Types Of Clouds - The Dr. Binocs Show

Hey kids, did you know that clouds have different types?

Science Video for Kids: How Are Clouds Formed?

Have you ever looked at clouds? Clouds are fun to watch and think about. But, what are they, really?

Cloud Facts for Kids!

A fun filled lesson on everything about clouds including how they form, what clouds are made of, the different types of clouds, and more! Follow along as Mr....

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