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Nature Walk 19.04.2020

Nature Walk 

On my nature walk I was very lucky to find lots of different trees, take a look at my photographs!


Can you match my descriptions of the trees to the pictures?


  • I am a beautiful tree who attracts lots of wildlife because of my delicate, pretty, white flowers.
  • I am a tall, bushy tree and I have green leaves like needles. I am stood next to another tree with thin, wispy branches.
  • I am a popular tree. I have big, beauitful green leaves and when the time is right you will find that my shiny, mahogany seeds will fall to the ground, but be careful because they are covered in a spikey protective case. 
  • I am a lonely tree in the middle of a ploughed field. I look small from a distance but I am tall when you come closer. I have no leaves. 
  • I am a stocky tree. I have delicate, thin branches at the bottom of my trunk and thick, sturdy branches at the top of my trunk. I have yellowish leaves.
  • I am a mighty, big tree with a wide trunk. My roots go deep underground. I have strong branches that reach high up into the sky and I have no leaves. 


Next time I go on my nature walk I think am going to take a tree rubbing or make a leaf print picture!


I wonder: Are ALL trees the same all year round? Can you find out?


23.04.2020 Fruit that grows on trees - Fruit Salad

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes for Trees!

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