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wc 11.05.20


Grey and Yellow - Fred's Focus FIVE - Fred would like you to focus on practising the following five sounds for this week. 

How speedy can you be?  

  • u-e - huuuuuge brute
  • aw - aw yawn at dawn
  • are - care and share
  • ur - nurse with a purse
  • er - a better letter

Grey and Yellow - Set 3 Speed Sounds

Pink  and Green - Fred's Focus FIVE - Fred would like you to focus on practising the following five sounds for this week.

How speedy can you be?

  • ar - start the car
  • or - shut the door
  • air - that's not fair!
  • ir - whirl and twirl
  • ou - shout it out!

Red Words

Fred Frog's Super Challenge: Can you teach somebody at home Fred's five focus sounds? 


RED Words - Fred loooooves to gobble up RED words as fast as he can for breakfast !

Can you read and spell the RED words below speedily?


the     of     to     I     my     me     go    he     said     are     you    your  

Reading Books 

Time for a new book! Please make sure that you choose a new electronic reading book by clicking the link below - just select your child's RWI level from the drop down menu. view=image&query=&type=book&age_group=&level=&level_select=&book_type=&series=Read+Write+Inc.# 


Reading for pleasure; 

Monday 11.05.2020

Suffix hunt!

Using your magnifying glass, can you hunt for all of the suffixes hidden in the story?

When you find one, jot it down in your notebook!

How many suffixes can you find?

Learning recap: remember a suffix goes at the end of a verb to change it's meaning.? e.g -ed, -er and -est and -ing.  


Here's one I have found in the story - I wonder if you can figure it out... 


_ i _ h i_ g


Can you write a silly sentence about the Bog Baby in your Home Learning book using lots of different suffixes? The sillier the better! Here's my attempt; The Bog Baby munched and crunched delicious custard creams whilst he boogied the night away on the branch of the tallest tree in the biggest enchanted forest known to man.

Tuesday 6.05.2020

Tick or Fix


Time to become a teacher!! Copy the sentences below into your blue home learning books and fix them.

Remember to check for; 

      Remember to check my spelling too!!


1.  Wee wentfishingallby ourselves


2.  there was a magic poind in Bluebell Wud


3.  teh bluebells squeaked under our boots. 


4. we fisht and fisht but didn't catch a newt


5. we caught a Bog Babee.

A Tale of Two Beasts

A Tale of Two Beasts, by Fiona Roberton .

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