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Class 4's Topic



Off With Her Head!

We will be travelling back in time to 1500s and meet the terrifying Tudors, a dynasty that changed our history...

In History, we will be...

Placing historical events on a timeline, remembering key facts from a period of History.

Explaining why historical figures such as Henry VIII acted as they did. 

Linking events from the Tudor period to changes in society. 

Explaining how a significant individual influenced the UK. 

Selecting, recording and organising relevant information from a range of sources. 


In Art and Design, we will be...

Finding out about Tudor art, commenting on how art pieces affect feelings, and what is liked or disliked about each piece.

Improving art and design techniques through the use of paint, sketching materials and working with fabrics.


In Geography, we will be...

Describing key aspects of human and physical geography.

Naming and locating different counties and cities.

Using the above to explain how land use has changed today. 


In Music, we will be...

Appreciating a wide range of music through evaluating Tudor music. 



Many thanks to all those who supported the School Summer Fayre!