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Tell us more! 15.06.2020

It's been lovely to hear from a few more of Durham Class this week!

I had a lovely email from Tilly and some great tips for taking care of Borris the Banana (plant). He's growing rapidly! Thank you very much!

I've also heard from Lacey and it's clear, like Tilly, there's much been going on in both households. It's lovely to hear as I know it can be rather tricky during lock down but Durham Class appear to have mastered it!

I've spoken to Ralf and Penny and they've told me how you are keeping in touch - that's so good to hear as we are social things - it's nice when technology can over come communication problems!

I've heard all about Max and ho he has kept in touch too, well done Durham Class - problem solvers of the future!

I've got to mention the weather - I think it's becoming a thing. From what I can establish, it would appear that it's getting warmer and by the end of the week, (Thursday on wards), there should be a golden orb back in our skies! Borris will be pleased!

Stay safe all, 


Mrs Foster


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