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Teeth Glorious Teeth!

Dear Durham Class!

I have to say, this time is feeling much longer than the summer holidays, but, by staying at home, we are helping not just each other, but the whole country! Not many seven to nine year old's can claim that throughout history!

I have altered the layout of your work this week in the hope it makes it easier for you to follow. 

I am really missing you all terribly. I'm lucky enough to see three of Durham Class at school, and it's lovely chatting to them and hearing about the video calls and PS4 chats (etc) that go on!

As we move into the second week of the Summer Term, we delve further into teeth!

I hope you enjoy finding out more about them!


Mrs Foster x

National Superheroes Day!

On Tuesday 28th April, it's National Superhero Day. How exciting!

We have had so many real life examples of people we live among being courageous, kind, thoughtful, strong, quick to act, going further than anyone thought possible, I think it would be a lovely thing to do nominate our own superhero! It doesn't have to be someone who has been in the news such as Captain Tom.

In fact, someone you know could be a superhero and we all need to know about them!

I would like you to write a letter, as if it were to the Prime Minister. 

Explain why you think that the person you have nominated is a superhero. Remember to give examples of why they are. Can you design them a super special superhero outfit? What super powers do they have? 

Activity One - Science based

How does the things we eat and drink affect our teeth? 

Is brushing our teeth alone enough to protect them and keep them safe so they last?

Please look at the investigation below to see how you can find out whether or not drinking a drink can have lasting damage on your teeth. 

Remember to create a diagram of your experiment, a prediction of what you expect to happen, an explanation as to what you are finding out, a results table and what makes your investigation fair. 

When you've conducted your investigation, please remember to add any thoughts to what surprised you. Try to explain your own explanation on the things you predicted correctly. 

Have fun!



Activity Two - Reading 

Please complete the document below on the short extract about Robin Hood and Little John. Please remember, if you aren't able to print out your work, if you title and reference your learning in the book sent home, we can work the rest out from there!


Activity Three - Writing - Facts and leaflets

I would like your help with getting the message to children that looking after our teeth is very important!

I think you are in a good position to create a leaflet all about our wonderful teeth!

In your leaflet, please include, information on how to look after your teeth, facts about teeth, labelled diagram/s about teeth,and make sure it's eye catching! Think of the leaflet in the waiting room of a dentists. What would make someone notice it and pick it up? 


Activity Four - Design and Technology, Food - Healthy choices 

I would like you to look at the food snacks in your cupboards. Look closely at the food labels and in particular at the sugar content in them. Are they as healthy as you thought? 

Create a table  that provides information on how much sugar there is in the foods you like to eat. 

Once you've completed your table, can you evaluate your findings and tell me the snack with the most sugar in it, and the snack that has surprised you, (and why). Pay particular attention to the snacks that are labelled as 'healthy'!

Are you able to make 'tooth friendly' alternative choices?


Activity Five - Science, All about teeth

Using the resource below, create and label your own diagram of the mouth. The power point below will help you to decide which teeth are which in the mouth. Does colour coding the diagram help do you think?

Activity Six - A little bit of fun!

After all you already knew, and all you now know, please find below a very toothy themed crossword -  and the answers, but will you need them?




Activity Seven: Descriptive written work - Spring has Sprung!

Durham Class notice so much and you amaze myself and Miss Kiddy with all that you see!

This Spring has been particularly kind with the weather we have had. 

I wonder if you can combine these to things and complete the following activity. 


Spring has Sprung!

Activity Eight - Year Three, Mathematics

This week, I would like you to look at perimeters. Remember, the perimeter of a shape is the distance around the shape. Once you've completed the questions, I wonder if you can measure shapes in your home such as the kitchen / dining room table, the perimeter of a cupboard door, the perimeter of the face of the tv, the perimeter of your garden. You may need to use a tape measure rather than a ruler, or fairy steps if there isn't a tape measure. Remember to record your unit of measure please - I realise you could be measuring in bananas this time!

Perimeter resources

Activity Nine: Mathematics - Calculating the perimeter of shapes

This week, like year three, I would like you to look at calculating the perimeter of shapes. Once complete, how many perimeters of every day things can you calculate? How many centimeters is the perimeter of your wardrobe door? What about the perimeter of your lounge window? What about the perimeter of the seat of a chair? 


Calculating perimeters - Year Four

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