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Science - the Christian value of truthfulness underpins and further supports all strands taught in the subject.



Science education at Pollington-Balne CE Primary School develops the strands of biology, chemistry and physics. Pupils are taught scientific knowledge and develop scientific methods of working which enables them to practise answering scientific questions.  Technical terminology and new vocabulary are introduced and pupils develop their abilities to articulate their scientific learning through reasoning, explanation and justifying their findings. Developing a greater awareness for the world around us through scientific learning with support further curiosity about the natural world. Encouraging pupils to consider their own questions will enable work to be completed that directly links to some of the current challenges faced by humans on planet earth.


Science Curriculum Map EYFS-Y6



Year 1

Year 1 1

Year 2

Year 2 1

Year 3

Year 3 1
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Year 4

Year 4 1
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Year 5

Year 5 1
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Year 6

Year 6 1
Year 6 2
School is now closed to the majority of children. We will be thinking of you. Please take care and stay safe during this time.