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Road Trip? 01.06.2020

Week Beginning: Monday 1st June 2020

Hello Durham Class!

What glorious weather we have had for half term!

I thought I would let you know, during lock down, we’ve had a couple of new additions to the Ellam – Foster household.

Remember Rainbow Dash, the unfortunate kitty who lost a leg just before Christmas? She’s had a kitten, H has named it Panda, due to her colouring!

Rainbow Dash and Panda

I’m also the very proud owner of a giant red banana plant – I am very excited about this! The giant is rather small at the minute, but from little acorns mighty oaks grow so I am hopeful the same will be true of the banana plant!

This week, we should’ve been starting our topic named, ‘Road Trip USA’. Therefore, those who have been following the news – particularly this weekend, will notice that there is a theme not necessarily road trip related but more galactic trip!

I hope you enjoy your learning, looking forward to seeing you all!

Enjoy your week!

Mrs Foster


Activity One: Reading

Please read and complete the reading comprehension on Tim Peake. There are three levels of questions and all come with the answer. If you would like to complete your answers on the computer, open a word document and type your answers into it, just remember to clearly label which question you are answering.

The resource is called – Activity One Tim Peake Reading Comprehension

Activity Two: Spelling – Correct the Spelling!

I know how you all like to read one another’s work, so I thought I would provide an activity where you can check spellings! Please complete sheet five and six only – there are twelve sheets!

The resources is titled Activity Two year three and four correct the spelling mistakes.

Activity Three – Writing – What’s in the sky?

Watch the video, I’ve uploaded, what is it? Where is the ‘thing’ going? How long has it been travelling? How long will it be travelling for? Is it really there? Is there life on ‘it’? Is it a creature? What do we know and how can we find out more?

Can you create a piece of writing based on my small clip?

The clip could be used to help you describe the start of an adventure story, or to research more about an event that happened at 19.22 (GMT) on Saturday 30th May 2020 from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

What's that?

Still image for this video

Activity Four: Religious Education

Thinking about our Christian Values, I’d like to look at the Value of Courage.

Can you think of a time when you or your friend had to be courageous?

Sometimes we need to be brave and ask for help when we need it. Who would you ask for help at Pollington?

Can you think of a time when you have had the courage to do the right thing? When have you been challenge to overcome something you were worried about?

Who or what encourages you to keep trying when things are difficult?

Why do you think it’s important to face up to the things we find difficult?  


Activity Five: International Children’s Day – 1st June 2020

You are so very important and as such there are many events all around the world there to support and highlight the importance of children.

Monday 1st June is International Children’s Day. I would like you look at the resource on the UN Charter of Children’s rights and think about whether or not all children across the world will have these rights? If not, why not?

The resource is called: Activity Five – UN Charter rights of the child


Activity Six: The Oak National Academy

You may have heard of this resource. Lessons are provided day by day and I would like you to have a little look at them.  

Year Three

Monday: Mathematics:

Tuesday: Mathematics:

Wednesday: Mathematics:

Thursday: Mathematics:

Friday: Mathematics:

Year Four

Monday: Mathematics:

Tuesday: Mathematics:

Wednesday: Mathematics:

Thursday: Mathematics:

Friday: Mathematics:


Activity Seven: Lego Challenge

Hve a look at the Lego challenge card, how many can you do? Can you complete a challenge a day? If you haven’t any Lego, could you use things around your home to create models? (Ask an adult first though!)

The resource is titled Activity seven the Lego Challenge


Activity Eight – STEM Starter activities

World’s Tallest Tower

In 2020 the new world’s largest tower will be the Jeddah Tower, in Saudi Arabia. It will have 200 floors and will the reach 1008 meters high.

Use scrap paper and junk box materials to build a tower. You might like to search for photos of the ‘Jeddah Tower’ to help you with your design.

What is the tallest tower you can build?

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