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Marvellous Mathematics 18.05.2020

Week Beginning: Monday 18th May 2020

Hello Durham Class!

We are quickly approaching what would have been our May half term.

The Year Six children would have completed their SATs and there was much in the school calendar for us to take part in before we broke up for the summer holidays.

It’s been hard I am sure adjusting to all the changes that have come your way, and I am certain, your families are feeling immensely proud of you and how you have dealt with those changes.

This week, it’s International Museums Day, World Turtle Day and World Vaccine Day to name but a few special days, I wonder how we could still take part in these special days?

I really hope you are all well, don’t forget there’s my email at the beginning of the book you went home with.

Enjoy your week!

Mrs Foster

Activity One: Reading

Please read and complete the reading comprehension on The Old Railway Yard. This focusses on inference and deduction, so you will be word detectives!

The resource is called – Activity One The Old Railway Yard

Activity Two: Spelling – Correct the Spelling!

I know how you all like to read one another’s work, so I thought I would provide an activity where you can check spellings! Please complete sheet three and four only – there are twelve sheets!

The resources is titled Activity Two year three and four correct the spelling mistakes.


Activity Three – Writing – Edinburgh Castle

The school residential trip this year was to go to Edinburgh. Look at the You Tube video below and see what you can learn about Edinburgh.

Think about where the castle was built, what still happens today at midday? Where does the Royal Mile lead from? Does Edinburgh castle have a skyscraper?

What is sold in the markets around the castle? What is the cathedral called?

Create a piece of writing about Edinburgh Castle based on the information you have heard in the video. Remember to use paragraphs!


Activity Four: Religious Education

Thinking about our Christian Values, I’d like to look at the Value of Thankfulness. The resource is titled, ‘Activity Four – Thankfulness’


Activity Five: Handwriting

Look carefully at the poem – I’m sure you’ll remember it! Write it in your neatest joined handwriting, one the line with ascenders and descenders in the correct places!

The resource is called: Activity Five - The Star

Activity Seven: Art

Year Three:

Please look at the Oak National Academy art lesson on adding texture to make your drawing more interesting!

Year Four:

Please look at the Oak National Academy art lesson on adding texture to make your drawing more interesting!

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