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Information week 2

We have had a wonderful full week of learning.  We have continued to learn our phonic sounds and focused on t i p n this week as well as reinforcing m a s d.  As part of our phonics we have been blending 3 sounds together to read words such as map, pan, tip and sit.  


We have drawn circles and carefully cut around the 1 curved side using scissors and also created triangles from sticks using the 3 straight sides.


We have planted bulbs for Spring, played extensively indoors and outdoors  as well as having learning more about being kind to ourselves and each other.

Learning at home

Check our these nature detective sheets to help with your learning

We are enjoying finding natural items and would love to share any acorns, conkers, beech and hazelnuts.  If you are able to find any other kinds of trees then we would enjoy learning about these too.


Welcome back to the New School Year - the theme this term is Recycling.