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This week I have decided to give the children no homework due to how hard they have worked over the course of this week. During this last week we have had a writing moderation, a visit from Mrs Western from The Snaith School and we have also started our new topic 'ID'.


Next week, the children will be taking part in a debate regarding the effect of Nature v Nurture on our identity, using Leonardo da Vinci's theories on the Vitruvian man to see his theory relates to themselves and considering how the local community helps them create and develop their own identity. On Wednesday we have another visit from Mrs Western and this time we will be concentrating on Siegfried Sassoon. It would be beneficial for the children to do a little bit of research upon him before this lesson. These facts could be jotted down on paper or recorded down in their homework diary. Remember first impressions always stick!


Could all children please bring their trainers for Monday afternoon, as we will be taking part in a number of physical activities and then analysing these results for our ID project.


Kind Regards. 


Mr Guest




Many thanks to all those who supported the School Summer Fayre!