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30 March 2020

Welcome to the 2nd week of home learning.


During this week we will be finding out about the geko and getting lots of addition practise as well as your daily reading, daily word and sentence writing.


I have a timetable for Monday 30th March and added all the resources you will need.  I have also added some french numbers, words to read and see how quickly you can write some of them as well as lots of links to interesting learning.


Please write in the blue writing book and maths book because there is no need to run your printers out of ink.  I look forward to receiving your photos and wonder if any of you would like to type a short email to me to practise your keyboard skills too.


Additional resources you may like to dip in and out of.
Here is the timetable for Tuesday 31st March 2020 and new resources.  Some of the resources you will need are in Monday's section for you to use today.
Here is the work for Wednesday 1st April - I hope you are all working really hard at home and enjoying your home learning tasks.  Today I would like you to think of the wider world in your work so I have included some world map challenges.  I have also give you some 'take away' challenges because I would like you to learn how these number challenges need different strategies to solve.  
The timetable for Thursday 2nd April and resources are here! I hope you are able to go out to find minibeasts that may be hiding under leaves or inside warm damp places in the garden.  If you are unable to find any,  have a look at the bugs life movie and see how many of the minibeast creatures you find.  If you set up a mini bug hotel (something for them to crawl into or under then in a day or so check for creatures you should be lucky. Fingers crossed!

Friday 3rd April is the last day of term as we take a break over the next 2 weeks.  I have popped today's timetable on and hope all of you keep safe at home and are visited by the Easter bunny.


Thank you everyone for your hard work and messages over the last 2 weeks. I will start adding activities after the break back onto the website.



Mathletics activites - in booklet form to dip in and out of

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