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Children learn best when they use the following prompts before starting writing.


1. Feet flat on the floor.

2. Sit comfortably on the chair with your back at the back.

3. Body about one fist away from the table.

4. Shoulders down and relaxed.

5. Back leaning forward slightly.

6. Hold the paper with your non-writing hand.

7. Hold the pencil using a tripod grip in your writing hand.


Say the rhyme and write the letter once correctly then repeat writing as many as you can for one minute.

These  letters start start at the top and go around anti-clockwise to initially form the 'c' shape.
These letters are little zig zag straight lines and these letters sit onto the writing line.
These letters start up above the writing line and all move down towards the writing line to begin with.
These letters start with an anti clockwise curl - except e that starts with a left to right line before the curl.
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