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Durham Teams 06.07.2020

Wow Durham Class, we made it!

I feel compelled to share how proud I am of all of Durham Class! ( I know your families will be proud of you too!)

You've all grown over the course of this year - both physically and emotionally. 

Though our time together could have been longer, I think when we together as a class, we learned, had fun and grew together, and when distance separated us, we learned - in different ways maybe, we had fun, and we grew together!

I've had such a lovely week this week as I've had the opportunity to meet with most of you or see you in school or both!

I cant quite believe how many cats and dogs we have between us all and would love to set a mathematical word problem about them all! 

Just a reminder to ask you all to complete your one page profile. I did give out the website you can download the one of your choosing, but I've also put a couple in the attachments on here.

Before I go, I would like to say, thank you, thank you for being a wonderfully friendly, polite, caring, and thoughtful class. 

Durham, you're the best!


Mrs Foster

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