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  • Maths - Number and Place Value and Addition and Subtraction
  • English - Instructions and Warning Stories
  • Re - God - What do Christians believe God is like?
  • Topic - The Unruly Romans 
  • French - Basic Greetings

Weekly Update - Week Ending 19.10.2018


Maths: This week in maths we have been applying our place value / number system knowledge to add 2 and 3 digit numbers using the column method. We have focussed on setting up the method in our maths books -  remembering to record one number per square and labelling our columns (hundreds, tens and ones). Towards the end of the week we moved on to carrying 10. 


English: This week in English we have continued to practise and perform the text map 'Lost in the Colloseum'. We have also been working on grammar this week, particularly the use of inverted commas for direct speech. In our model text, the main character is given a warning from his master to "stay away from the colosseum because it is too dangerous." The children have learned that the inverted commas 'hug' what a character is saying, and that it is important to say who spoke and how. Later in the week the children put their new learning to the test in French, when they wrote a simple conversation between two charcters - Charlie and Kody.


Topic: This week in Topic the we have been researching Roman Villas (Domus) using the Ipads. The children identified the key features of a villa  in Latin, later in the week they then used their research to create a map of their own Roman villa with a colour coded key. Towards the end of the week the children compared a typical Roman home with a typical Celtic home - identifying the similarities and differences.


Reading Raffle Winner: Samuel Kealey - Well done Sam! 


Next week; Subtraction, Innovating the model text - class write and Roman Towns!


Weekly Update - Week Ending 12.10.2018


Maths: This week in Maths the children have drawn upon their Place Value knowledge to help them with their learning in our new Addition and Subtraction block. Year 3 : adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers and ones, tens and hundreds mentally. Year 2 : adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers and ones and tens using concrete aparatus (dienes). The children then moved to working pictorially. Next week we will be having a look at column methods.


English: This week the children have started a new writing unit: Warning Stories. The children have 

created actions (signifiers) for the text map - Lost in the Colosseum. Learning the text map helps the children to internalise both language and structure which will later support them in the writing phase.


Topic: In our topic lessons this week the children have been working hard to complete their Roman shields (Scutum) besides transferring their knowledge of instructions to write their own set of instructions for 'How

to make a Roman shield'.


Guided Reading: The children have been enjoying a new story this week 'The Captive Celt' The children have enjoyed looking for grammar/vocabulary in the text, besides making predictions, retrieveing questions and making inferences about the characters in the book.


This week's Reading Raffle winner was; Penny! Well done Penny :)

Miss Kiddy and I were very pleased with the number of times children who have read over the past week. There was a grand total of 47 raffle tickets in the jar!! To quote Evie's line from the summer production "You've got to be in it, to win it!" Keep it up Class 3! Can we beat 47? (Watch this space).


Coming up next week; Where did the Romans live? More of 'The Captive Celt', Addition and Subtraction and something new... Direct Speech!


Weekly Update  - Week Ending 5.10.2018


Maths: This week the children started a new Maths unit - Addition and Subtraction. We have started the unit by recapping number bonds to 20/100.


English: This week we have finished our Instructional writing unit. We started the unit with a cold write to see what the children already knew about instructions. We looked then at some example model texts, learned a text map and wrote our own set of instructions as a class 'How to dress like a Roman Soldier.' Following our trip to 'This Green Moon' children chose to write instructions for 'How to make a wind wand' or 'How to make a paint brush.'  The children have published their final drafts - look out for some examples (coming soon)!


Topic: This week our Topic lessons were kicked offf with a delicate ancient discovery! We were very lucky to have a look at some Roman coins that Finlay had brought in. Thank you for sharing Finlay!


Following on from the excitement of the Roman coin discovery, the children completed the 'make' phase for the following challenge; Can you research, design, make and evaluate a Roman Shield? When researching Roman shields, the children found out the Latin name for a shield and that they were often rectuangular or oval in shape. The children also found out why the shields were designed the way they were - using this as inspiration for their own design. It is said that Roman shields were painted red to represent the colour of Mars, the God of War. Lightning bolts represented Jupiter, and eagle wings were used to represent the Roman Army. We discussed why the shields had a metal protrusion in the middle and how these were used. The next step is for children to add a handle to the back of their shields and evaluate their designs. We may even have a go at stepping into the shoes of a Roman soldier. Can we recreate 'the tortoise'?


It has lovely to see that some children had even made their own miniature Roman shields at home! Well done!


Guided Reading: This week we have been reading 'You wouldn't want to be a Roman Gladiator'. The children have been using their retrieval skills to answer questions from the text. 


This weeks reading at home challenge winner: Annabel frown


Many thanks to all those who supported the School Summer Fayre!