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20 April - 26 April

Suggested activities for Monday 20th April 2020.


There is also a weekly diary to use or not to use if this helps to plan out your learning.

RWI new books are in the folder - please remember the colour that you are currently reading has not changed.


Green - Tug tug

Yellow - lost

Pink - Snow



U Tube clips 

Oxford Owl is available to enjoy.


Please click on the link for Oxford Owl to log in and enjoy any of the e books.


The user name is turner2020

The password is pollington2020



See if you can find 'Plants for dinner' and 'Stinky Plant' today


If you encounter any problems with getting into the site just drop me an email.





Wednesday 22nd April 2020 - today is called Earth day.

Today's learning tasks

Log onto Oxford Owl and look for Dinosaur times, Paris adventure and  Dinosaur adventure - these books are for adults to read to children on the 'going back in time' or History theme.


Links to explore.

Friday 24th April 2020 - review your week and see if there are any activities you have missed this week from the previous days. Today is about your choice of activities as well as my suggested tasks. I hope you enjoy today's learning.

You can contact us at Pollington-Balne CE Primary School, Balne Moor Road, Pollington, Goole DN14 0EH / / Tel: 01405 861916. Please look at our 'News and Events' menu for our latest information.