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Year 5

Year 5 Homework

Homework will be set every Friday and will need to be returned to school, completed, by the following Thursday.


Each week you will be set a reading comprehension task and a Maths task. It is also expected that you practise your times tables and read to an adult at least twice a week (this should be recorded in your homework diary).


Each child has their own highlighted spelling lists. If there are orange highlighted words, these are the ones that should be practised. However, if there are no orange highlighted words, any words that are not highlighted should be practised. Every child will have an individual spelling test during the school week.

This week's reading comprehension task is...


A non-fiction text 'Nine Facts about Planet Nine'. 

Please ensure that you link back to the text when explaining why in question three. 


Remember to underline or circle any words which you do not know the meaning of, find the definition and note this down in the notes page of your homework diary.


This week's Maths task is...


Based on negative numbers with up to 4 digits. You have to work out by how many the number sequence goes up or down each time and complete it. Remember to use the number line given to help you, if needed. 



Both pieces are due back into school, completed, on Thursday 18th October. 

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