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SATS Mock Results Recap.




After a long week of SATS mock exams, I must say all of the children have performed admirably throughout and have been an absolute credit. They deserve this weekend to wind down and just have time to themselves. The children are fully aware of the pressure and hard work which comes with being in Year Six. They have all adapted to the test conditions of the SATS, which will only benefit them for their actual SATS papers in May as nothing will be a surprise to them. The thing the children have to understand is not to spend too long on a question if they are unable to figure the answer out. They should move on and come back to it later.


To ensure that the children understand where and why they have been incorrect on specific questions throughout the paper, I would like to spend time going through their papers with them during SATS Club. So it would be very much appreciated if you could return the folder back into school by Tuesday as we will be concentrating on the Maths Reasoning Paper 1 this week.


Mr Guest

Sats Week.




Just to make you aware that the week commencing the 29th January, I am planning on running a mock Sats Week in Class Five. I am doing this for several reasons, however the main two being that: it gives me an idea of where about the children are academically in their Maths, Reading & SPAG subjects and it will give the children a better idea of how these tests will be run throughout the actual week.


After i have marked these tests, i will be sending them home at the end of the week to give you an idea of how your child has done. Then the following week, as a class we will be going through these tests to help the children with their misconceptions throughout these tests.


Alongside the mock weeks, Sats club will be running every Tuesday up until Sats week itself. So it's vitally important that the children try and be available for this every week. If the children could bring a a4 notepad or jotter along with them that would be great as then this can be taken home to help them in their revising.


If you are looking for ideas to help you child with their revision, I would advise on investing in some of the CGP Sats books. These are brilliant and break down the topics throughout the different subjects. These can be found on amazon for a reasonable price.


If there are any questions please don't hesitate to ask me.


Mr Guest

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