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Homework - Due in Thursday 6th December 2018




For this weeks homework, the children will be focusing upon the same work that they have been doing for the last couple of weeks.


In Maths, they are still working hard with their long division questions. However, the children are now going to be focusing upon their division of a four digit number by a two-digit number. The children will still be using the same method as before but will be working with bigger numbers. It is important that all working out is being shown to give them the chance to identify where and why they went wrong in their questions.


The reading part of their homework this week, will be solely focused on retrieval of information from the text. The text is the same as last weeks; all of the children should already be very familiar with it! Times table/division facts has been handed out after todays testing. The majority of the children haven't received any spellings, as I will be giving them a surprise spelling test next week to see which Year 3/4 spellings they can spell correctly without practice. We are doing this, as they are expected to be using a range of these in every piece of written work and it will give me a quick indication of any misconceptions which may have arose.


As always can you please let the children attempt this on their own, as it will only benefit them in their independence and it will only help them in the future. Please ensure your child brings their homework in on the day requested, as it is their responsibility and need to get used to this for High School next year.


Many Thanks


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