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Homework - Due in 14-03-19




This week's Maths homework is based on what we have been working on everyday in class this week. Each lesson, the children are being challenged with a set of arithmetic questions and reasoning questions in preparation for the SATS. The children have been set reasoning questions similar to this weeks, to ensure the children have understood the concept of the question and how to get to the end answer. ALL working out must be shown for each question.


Over the next few weeks, the children will be creating a brochure based upon all of the information they have gathered at home and in school regarding Mexico. The children will be planning on writing about four different sections on this brochure - this could range from cities, food/drink, tourist information or any information to do with the Mayans. I would like the children to write about one of their sections for homework. This will be a formal piece of writing and needs to be correctly punctuated throughout and detailed to engage and grip the reader's attention. This doesn't have to be in for next Friday but preferably the following week.


The children are aware of the division facts that they need to practice and we will be on week 7 of our spelling list.


Enjoy the weekend.


Mr Guest





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