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Class 4 English

This half term, Class 4 will looking at a variety of genres: narratives, biographies and Cinquain poetry.



The children will be continuing their work on the writing of narratives, with emphasis placed on 'show-not-tell' description and the accurate use of related grammar such as inverted commas and the use of relative clauses. C.S.Lewis' The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe will continue to be used as a model text and reading comprehension resource.



To link in with the planned Holocaust memorial service on Monday 28th January, the children will be learning about Anne Frank through the reading of her diaries, which were written during World War II. Through researching and developing comprehension skills, the children will be creating a biography about Anne Frank. 


Cinquain Poetry

With a focus within our topic being upon precious gems, the children will then revisit Cinquain poetry, which was visited during last years 'Amazon Rainforest' topic. The children will be observing choosing a precious gem to write both a didactic and syllabic Cinquain poem about. 


Please see the letters section for further information on the incident this week.